For individuals:

The app platform and download are free. The data management and cloud spaces will be subject to the level of usage. Securing service records will be charged only for the individuals and employees. 

For Businesses:

For small businesses, the app platform is free up to three vehicles to manage. This offer is not based on number of employees. 


For additional vehicles, there is a subscription model for $3 monthly for each vehicle. Removing a vehicle from the pool will free up spaces. 


Service Records:

For saving service records will cost $1 for each service record. The service records are maintained in a private blockchain platform. This fee can be paid the employee, individual or by the employer. 

Early Access Trial

Businesses and individuals will be able to access all the services free for first six months after launching the product. Early Access Trial will be provided to individuals with invitations. If you want to be considered one of our early access trial user or businesses, please contact us.