WISECAR manages all your vehicle compliance and expense claim information securely 


WISECAR app is your true companion to manage your cars wisely


Manage vehicle records and let your employer know that you have a fully compliant vehicle to use for work purposes


The perfect personal fleet safety manager and the most reliable grey fleet management solution for businesses


If your employees use their own car for work purposes

Does your company use Grey fleet?


Are your employees or contractors using their owr for work purposes? How can ensure the employee has a valid driver license or the vehicle has proper registration? Do you know where vehicles are used as part of a system of work, then this must be a safe system and employers are responsible to maintain or ensure the compliance of the vehicles? How can you ensure that your employee or contractor using a safe and fully compliant vehicle? How can you get the complete visibility of the vehicle and know employees driving behaviours to ensure that your employee or contractor is maintaining all the work health and safety compliance while driving their vehicle?

WISECAR solution platform will give complete visibility of your employees and contractors vehicle if they are part of your grey fleet. 

What is Grey Fleet

Grey fleet has usefully been defined as ‘vehicles being used by a business that it doesn’t own; vehicles owned and used by employees to conduct business and vehicles that are hired occasionally and used for business purposes.

This definition can be expanded beyond employees to workers more generally. The term grey fleet is relatively new in Australia, but ‘can be traced to the UK where it has been used for the last 10-15 years 


Register your employee

Register your employee's WISECAR Id to WISECAR Fleet Manager and get details of the vehcile he/she is going to use for at work  mileage claim.

Check the drive ability real time

Check driver license validity of the driver

Check vehicle compliance

Check if the vehicle has valid registrations and service records. 

WISECAR app FOR EMPLOYEEs or individuals

wisecar app, wisecar, service record, Car logbook, insurance evidence, parking receipts

Why you need wisecar

Do you feel stressed to manage all your car-related documents? Service due dates, the service records, registration due dates, driver logbooks, car park receipts, insurance claim evidence.. there are so many things we do manage for a single car. What if, you have two cars or more? wisecar is the single mobile app platform to manage all your car-related documents, due dates and expenses in one place. wisecar will ensure that you will never lose your service records ,  insurance evidence and parking receipts. You need to keep your insurnace evidence for insurance claim and you need to keep your complete logbook and parking receipts if you want to claim tax return for your business. wisecar will help you to track all these vehicle-related document and expenses and will advise you how you can save some  money . 

wisecar app, wisecar, service record, Car logbook, insurance evidence, parking receipts

Start your journey

Download the app and create an account. A confirmation email will request you to activate the account. Activate the account and set up your car in wisecar platform.

wisecar app, wisecar, service record, Car logbook, insurance evidence, parking receipts

Manage your fleet!

Manage as many cars as you want.  Even you can manage a complete fleet with wisecar.  You can record your driver's logbook for each car. A simple start-stop-pause function records all your vehicle logbook records with all the location data. This can be used for tax purposes and track your everyday expenses.

Wisecar manages ...

Service Records

Vehicle service histories are extremely important when you need to sell your car. A complete and reliable service record can increase your vehicle resale value up to 23%. Vehicle service records are also important for future servicing and insurance claims purposes. Using wisecar you will never lose your service records.

Registration Details

Not registering your car can cost you hundreds of dollar fine. You can record your registration details and set a notification in wisecar app so that you never forget when your vehicle registration is due. wisecar will check your vehicle registration if you do not register it on due time and will notify you. 

Parking receipts, Insurance evidence and many more..

You can upload all your parking receipts in wisecar. wisecar will help you to take quick photos of any incidents and save to wisecar platform. wisecar will ensure you will never lose your insurance evidence. You can share those with your insurance companies when you need any insurance claims. 

your fleet manager

wisecar app, wisecar, service record, Car logbook, insurance evidence, parking receipts

Book your service


wisecar will connect you to your service centre when servicing is due. You can make a quick booking, let the service centre know your specific requirements or anything else you want to let them know.

wisecar app, wisecar, service record, Car logbook, insurance evidence, parking receipts

Manage Calendar

wisecar will manage all your due dates and calendar events related to your car. wisecar will track your service due dates, registration due dates or any other important dates you need to record. wisecar will notify you when your registration expires and servicing is due. 

wisecar app, wisecar, service record, Car logbook, insurance evidence, parking receipts

Track your consumptions and expenses

wisecar dashboard gives you insightful analysis of your fuel consumptions, vehicle-related expenses and manages your vehicle budget. 

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